Monday, November 1, 2010

The beginnings..

Twas Halloween night, I'm all tricked out and running about SL! No were to go, no candy to find, so shopping I'm off too! I stumbled about looking what to buy and decided on some poses I saw in a previous feed I follow of course =).  Upon arriving and checking out the poses to my dismay I find out another is about to set fire to this shop!  So I kindly asked them to wait trill I was done shopping at least; I mean come on thats the nice thing to do!  Of course the person allowed this and my pixel worries was gone! I saved my avi tonight oh so proud!

On a side note thanks to Blur Mannequin for inspiring my blogness! Lets see how far it goes though she never pressured me or nothing she says!  But truly check out her store beemann if nothing else for the atmosphere!  Pics with the poses to come!